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                ABOUT US
                ABOUT US
                CONTACT US
                (Qinggang Section) Yuhuan County Sci-Tech Industrial Park, Zhejiang, ChinaEnterprise Address: Sci-Tech Industrial Park , zhejiang , Yuhuan.
                ABOUT US
                HENGJIE is located in Yuhuan Sci-Tech industrial park, Zhejiang Province. It covers an area of 15,000 sq.m and building area of 25,000 sq.m, which annually produce 10000 tons of brass products. During the past 20 years, we had not only been engaged in design, development, production and service of valves, fittings and sanitary wares, but also passed ISO9001-2000 quality control system, ISO 14001 environment protection system, OHSAS18001 health and safty management system. Certificate of products includeAB1953 , CE , RoHS, ACS and CUPC. Products quality insurance covered by General Insurance .Moreover, the goods had been exported to the USA,FRANCE, GERMANY ,Italy and Australia, well-received in quality and service from our customers based on our advanced equipments, abundant technical force, outstanding quality, and reliable reputation.

                Insisted on Management principle “Be honest Be real Be unremitting Be creative” . Quality guideline: “Keeping improving makes the greatest satisfaction from the clients” ,HENGJIE regard customer's satisfaction as our basic principle. 

                We sincerely hope to have cooperation with old and new clients for the purpose of mutual development and brilliant future.
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